Saturday, December 22, 2007

Val & Willy's Rehearsal ....and a very brave raccoon!

Today was Val & Willy's Rehearsal. First, I wanted to say the Deering Estate is Beautiful! I had never been so I decided to get there a bit early and familiarize my self with the venue. I had a nice walk around the grounds and took pictures. While waiting for my lovely Bride & Groom I spotted a raccoon creeping up on some unsuspecting picnic-ers. I immediately motion to the man who did not understand what I was trying to say, while the brave raccoon proceeded to GET ON their picnic table. This lovely raccoon then decided to make his way over to where I was sitting and start messing with my stereo. Needless to say I ran away from Sir Raccoon leaving my belongings to fend for themselves. Luckily, he found nothing of interest and went back to bother the picnic-ers. :)

The rehearsal went well. Valerie's family was very welcoming and we got the whole thing done in less than an hour. I stuck around for their rehearsal picnic for a little while and went on my merry way.

Val, I cannot wait for Thursday! Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

I leave you with pictures of the estate, the rehearsal and my new friend.


Val said...

I can't believe how smooth it went and how organized you were! I had soo much fun!!! Thank you so much! You were the BEST!!

Marisol said...

What a little scoundrel that raccoon! lol...I love the Deering Estate!! Best wishes to you Val!