Sunday, September 28, 2008

Favorite Fabulous Moment.....

Remember how I said there would be new things on the blog?
Here is one of them

We're going to be starting a new series of posts called " Favorite Fabulous Moment".
In these posts we'll be asking some of the fabulous photographers that we have worked with to pick their favorite fabulous moment from that wedding.
I'll be posting these at least once a week.

This first fabulous moment was sent to me by Miguel Irias. I have had the pleasure of working with Miguel on a couple of weddings and not only is he an amazing photographer who's work totally speaks for itself but he is a trip to work with.

I asked Miguel for a picture he sent me 3! :)
The pictures below are from Chrissy and Jeremy's Wedding on August 2, 2008. It was a beautiful destination wedding that took places at The Palms on SoBe.
That is one event I have not posted the pictures of yet because I have been lazy and not gone to pick up the CD of pictures he made for me. I promise I will get them soon!

Here were Miguel's favorite fabulous moments....

and why?

"Well, why they are my favorites?

First of all, she has a smile that says it all!

The chemistry between them just captivated me!

Perfect pair!

Full of love!!"

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