Sunday, March 2, 2008


Saturday, March 1st was Sandy and Cheddy's wedding day. My assistant Brig and I had the best time putting together their special day.
I had a great time meeting with Sandy and and her Maid of Honor Mabell over the last 10 months or so to go over wedding details and having lunch together. Sandy is truly a sweetheart and Cheddy is lucky to be married to such a wonderful woman.

I hope you both had an amazing night! We love you!

Have a great time in Mexico!!! We'll need to do lunch again when you get back.

Stay tuned for the professional pictures by photographer Gina Carter!

Who says you can't work and have a great time!?

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Gina Carter said...

The wedding looked great. You guys worked so hard to make it perfect. You are awesome! I had a great time too. Wait until you see the pictures. :)

Gina Carter