Monday, May 5, 2008

Sydney & Steve......Mazel Tov!

I would like to start off by saying that I love an organized bride.
Granted, if the bride was not organized then I would obviously step in and organize on her behalf.
Sydney was truly a god send! She did a fabuous job with all her planning.
Who knows maybe you Palm Beach brides will soon be seeing her as face of Fab Fetes up north :)

Sydney and Steve were married yesterday! The first thing I said to Sydney when she told me her wedding date was that her and Steve would be together for a looooooonnnnnggggggg time. They now share their anniversary with my parents (grandparents) who have been married for 51 years, together for 58 years this October. There is definitely something special in the date, I truly believe that.
Plus, it helps that they are such a wonderful couple who's lives have intertwined just perfectly. Yay for!

I have never done or attended a Jewish wedding. Sydney and Steve's was my first. I truly was something that I will always remember. From the signing of the Kettubah, to the ceremony under the beautiful Huppah, the Challah and the Horrah. Good times.
Rabbi Joel Levine even took some time to school me on some of the traditions that take place during a Jewish marriage. Thanks Rabbi!

On to what you interested in.....the night was beautiful. Sydney could not have looked more stunning. Even after her black makeup incident (lol) the end result was nothing less than flawless. The Hilton Miami Airport provided a beautiful backdrop for everything that Sydney worked so hard to put together.
Phill & Joe from Elite Entertainment did a great job with the music and were a trip to hang out with.

Sydney & Steve your family and friends were great. Sydney, your dad made me laugh....and cry. Steve, your sisters are fabulous. So sweet and welcoming.
All of your friends and family were all very sweet. I had a great time.

Yes, yes I know....on to the pictures!

Have a fabulous time in Costa Rica!!!!

Maria & Mike're* :) next!

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