Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maria & Mike...Cruising on to a Happy life together!

Maria and Mike met almost 5 years ago while on a Caribbean cruise. They've been totally smitten with each other ever since.
Maria hired me about a month before the wedding and I knew when I met Maria for the fist time we were going to get along fabulously. we both have similar personalities and we love to talk.... A LOT. There has been many an hour + long conversation on the phone chit chatting about wedding stuff and other randomnesses.

On her wedding day she looked fabulous. So did everything else. Even the bridesmaids dresses which were a random color blue due too a dress dilemma early on in the planning, looked great! The DoubleTree Grand Biscayne made for a great backdrop for all the things Maria had worked so hard on.

The wedding was a blast. I cannot even begin to tell you how many hilarious photos I have of the evening. Her bridal party was a trip and their families were great. Jorge Antonatos of Visions DJ did a great job keeping the dance floor packed.

Mike & Maria, I hope that you have a great time on your cruise reliving both your first meeting and celebrating the start of your new life together.
Good luck and congrats to you both!

Here are some pictures! Maria's photog said teasers would take about a month and we all know how unbearble that is. So I've posted a lot and sent her about another 100 to hold her over :) Enjoy!

A very complicated bustle

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Meli said...

What a beautiful wedding!
Congrats Maria and Justine :)