Friday, January 30, 2009

Elizabeth & David.... All Because Two People Fell In Love :)

So I chose to title this post after the sign that decorated the couples sweetheart table. :)

Can I just say I love Elly & David?! I do. I could literally take them both, squish them till they're tiny and carry them around in my pocket forever. Something about them just makes me want to hug them. They both have these amazingly loving personalities that just radiates to you when you're around them.
I knew I would love working with Elly from the first time I met her.

I felt really good after this wedding. It always makes everything worth it when a bride tells me how wonderful her night was with tears in her eyes. I know I've really done something right when I get the same reaction from the groom :) These two truly enjoyed every moment of their special night.

The wedding took place on Saturday, January 24th. The afternoon ceremony took place at St. John Neumann in Kendall and was followed by a beautiful reception at the Douglas Entrance. The colors were rich reds, dark and milk chocolate.
The beautiful flower arrangements were done by Nevot Flower Designs and the beautiful red lighting provided by Ubi's Music & Lighting Productions completed the room with an intimate and romantic feel.

I'm going to start the picture portion of this entry with 4 AMAZING photos from the event's photographers Carmen and Favio of Studio by Carmen. I totally harassed Carmen for these pictures. Thank you my friend!!

and here are some I took myself. Definitely not as great I know, but hey...I tried :)

table.

Old pictures

Engagement pics display

The amazing place card table that my husband did with no supervision. Yup, my man and I'm very proud of him.

The Ballroom

Mr. & Mrs waiting for their intro!

Their 1st Dance

Elly & David.....your wedding night truly embodied the beautiful love the two of you have for each other. We wish you all the wonderful things you deserve out of your lives together. xoxoxo


Landra of EVENTistas said...

Simply stunning you and Carmen both did a GREAT job as always!

xoxo :)

Mirian N. Rodriguez said...

Beautiful wedding!!! The flowers blew me away. Justine, your comments were so sweet. :)

Vannessa said...

Looks great, love the decor and Carmen's pictures of course! Tell her to stop slacking on her

Fabulous Fêtes said...

Poor Carmen lol she's swamped with work so her blog is definitely on the back burner.

Christina D said...

You both did an amazing job. I can't wait until April!

Nathalie said...

I can't wait 53 more days to see Douglas set-up for our big day! It already feels so surreal that is actually so close!!! The wedding was GORGEOUS!! Congrats, my friend!! :)

Mrs. J L said...

Everything looked beautiful!!!!

I tagged you on my blog. Check it out.