Monday, November 24, 2008

Must-Have Photo List

Before the big day you will meet with your photographer to discuss what you want from them on the big day. Most photographers will ask for a "must-have photo list". This leaves a lot of brides unsure as to what exactly should be on this list.
While it's a great idea to give your photographer a list of shots you want taken (you don't want him to miss your grandparents, friends who traveled far to attend or that special shot of you and your mom), you shouldn't feel required to write down every last one. After all, you want the photographer to be creative and comfortable capturing special, spontaneous moments. That said, here's a list of traditional and nontraditional shots of importance. Choose the ones you want, add any others you can think of and hand the list to your photographer. Voila -- you're all set!

Bride, groom and wedding party getting ready

Bride and groom, separately, just before the ceremony

Bride and groom when they first see each other

Outdoor shot (if possible) of bride and groom together before or after ceremony (preferably walking across a lawn or city street, for instance)

Bride and groom with her immediate family

Bride and groom with his immediate family

Bride with parents/stepparents or with each parent separately

Groom with parents/stepparents or with each parent separately

Bride with her grandparents

Groom with his grandparents

Bride with her honor attendants

Groom with his groomsmen

Bride with her maid/matron of honor

Groom with his best man

Bride with flower girls

Groom with ring bearers

Bride with her siblings

Groom with his siblings

Groomsmen affixing their boutonnieres (this usually requires some struggling)

Bride and groom with his attendants

Bride and groom with her attendants

Bride with her bouquet

Bride showing off special details of her gown or other attire (such as the train or bows on her shoes)

Usher escorting guests to seats

Bride arriving at seat, especially if she is arriving by special transportation (horse-drawn carriage, limousine, etc.)

Groom walking down aisle or close-up shot of him at place at altar, before the processional

Each member of processional, during their walk

Bride walking down aisle

Bride kissing her parents upon arriving at altar

Bride and groom at altar (if photography is allowed during ceremony)

Bride and groom lighting unity candle

Parents lighting unity candle

Bride and groom exchanging rings

Close-up of bride and groom as they say their vows

Special religious or ethnic customs during ceremony

Groom lifting bride's blusher

Kiss at end of ceremony

Bride and groom during recessional

Bride and groom holding hands, showing off their wedding rings

Bride's attendants as they help bustle her train

Bride and groom entering reception area

First dance (and the dip, if there is one)


Table shots

Bride and groom sharing private moment during the celebration

Parents dancing together

Members of wedding party dancing together

Mother-son dance

Father-daughter dance

Bride tossing her bouquet and person catching it

Single women huddled together on dance floor before bouquet toss

Groom tossing garter and person catching it

Garter ritual (man sliding garter up woman's leg)

Single men huddled together on dance floor before garter toss

Bride and groom spontaneously hugging parents/best friends/siblings during celebration (ask your photographer to keep an eye out for these special moments)

Bride and groom cutting and feeding each other wedding cake

Any children who happen to fall asleep at the reception

Candid, wide-angle shot of celebration in full force (if possible, have your photographer take a picture of the reception from above)

Guests throwing petals or blowing bubbles at bride and groom

Close-ups of food table (if buffet), ring pillow, cake and any other special items (Kiddush cups, seating cards, favors, invitation, etc.)

Ceremony and reception sites, inside and outside

A posed snapshot of everyone you can fit into the frame at the very end of the evening, all waving good-bye.

(photo credit Miguel Irias)

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