Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Danielle & Nick and their beautiful but windy beach ceremony :)

Ceremony: 9th Street Boardwalk, Deerfield Beach

So this event was a little different and it might help give some insight in to what we here at Fabulous Fêtes are able to do for you :)

Danielle and Nick hired me basically to coordinate and set up their beach ceremony. Their reception venue already had a coordinator and they just needed someone to over see the rehearsal and set up all the details they wanted for their beautiful ceremony.

The ceremony was held at the 9th Street Boardwalk in Deerfield Beach. Living in Miami I would just like to say that the beaches in Deerfield are amazing! The water was the bluest blue and the sand was a perfect tan color and sooo soft. The rock formations on the beach looked like something you'd see in California. It was gorgeous. The 9th Street Boardwalk basically give you a wonderful overlook on all of it. It was an amazing spot. You'll see from the pictures below.

Danielle and Nick, thank you so much for letting me be a part of a part of your special day :) Seeing you laugh and be with your families shows how happy I'm sure you two will be together for many many years to come!

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