Monday, December 1, 2008

Melissa & Michael....A New Happy Family :)

Ceremony: Coral Gables Congregational
Reception: Renaissance at the Gables

I think one of the sweetest things I've heard Melissa say was during a crafting session at my house. She said that she wanted to break the stereotype of bad step-parents because she wanted to always have a good relationship with Mikey (Michael's son). She always wanted to make sure he felt loved by her. :) If you saw Mikey attached to her hip the entire wedding you'd know she's definitely doing a good job of that!
An instant happy family that truly embodies love!
Melissa was very nervous in the moment leading up to her walking down the aisle (not to mention she looked stunning!) But as soon as she made it down the aisle and stood by her husband-to-be it seemed like all of that just went away. The rest of the night was spent laughing and having a great time with all her family and friends.
It was a wonderful night for a much deserved wonderful couple!

I also had the pleasure of booking Melissa and Mike's honeymoon! Which is definitely a first! I hope you two had a fabulous time @ Maxim!

Here are some pictures fromt their special day!

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